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San Diego Sweeper Rentals - Street Sweepers, Parking Lot Sweepers

Sweeper Rentals in San Diego

Our rental equipment team knows street / parking lot sweepers better than anybody in San Diego and the area around us in Southern California because we use these same vehicles in our daily contract sweeping work.

Pacific Sweeping can offer you a variety of rental schedules, so whether you need a piece of equipment for a week, month, or season, we can find something that’ll work for you. Contact us to get availability and scheduling.

Tymco 500X

The TYMCO 500X regenerative Air sweeper can pick up a wide variety of street debris including light trash, leaves, dirt and gravel. With the 500X’s soaring 11-foot hopper discharge height, this sweeper gives you versatility to dump into your own trash receptacles.

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Tymco 600

Tymco’s Model 600 is workhorse for any large-scale sweeping job. A 43” diameter gutter broom removes debris from curbs, gutters and around any obstacles like parked cars and maintenance equipment.

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Tymco 435

Pacific Sweeping’s rental fleet of TYMCO 435 broom sweepers allows your operators the versatility to sweep both streets and parking lots.

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Tymco 210

The TYMCO 210 is the parking lot cleaning workhorse of our fleet. This sweeper has a relatively low height clearance of 6’6” and a large, 2.4 cubic yard “piggy-back” hopper.

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Elgin Broom Badger

Elgin Broom Badger's short, 109-inch wheelbase and a tight turning radius give your sweeper operator great maneuverability. Rent the Broom Badger Sweeper if your jobs include tight situations like cul-de-sac curb lines or tightly winding streets.

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Schwarze M6 Avalanche

The Schwarze M6 Avalanche broom sweeper is our go-to sweeper for construction site cleanup, gravel spill, track out, and any other “heavy lifting” sweeping that needs to be handled.

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