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Schwarze M6 Avalanche Rental San Diego, Southern CA


Schwarze M6 Avalanche (Rental)

The Schwarze M6 Avalanche broom sweeper is Pacific Sweeping's go-to sweeper for construction site cleanup. You can rent this reliable sweeper to clean spilled gravel, construction area dirt track out and any other “heavy lifting” sweeping that needs to be handled.

Key Features:

  • Dual 44-Inch gutter brooms
  • User friendly and informative control system
  • One button to activate favorite pre-set sweeping settings
  • Stowaway ladder for easy hopper inspection
  • Capable of sweeping in reverse

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Heavy Duty Construction Gravel & Dirt Sweeping

Our rental Schwarze M6 Avalanche is a heavy-duty, chassis mounted mechanical broom sweeper that features extreme performance capability. Overall ease of operation is combined with a large, 5.0 cubic yard hopper. Dual 44-inch diameter brooms and 14-inch intake tubes provide huge sweeping capacity to pick up debris.

In the cab, bright color-coded LEDs control the sweeper’s engine, lights, conveyer, water system, hopper, main broom and gutter brooms (including down pressure). For clarity, the switches change color to show the operator current activity. The avalanche utilizes a "rear skirt" design which re-directs escaping debris back into the broom area for pick-up.