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Tymco 435 Rental San Diego, Southern CA


Tymco 435 (Rental)

The versatile Tymco 435 allows your operators to sweep both streets and parking lots making it a highly cost-effective sweeper truck to rent. It works well in municipal settings (like an HOA) and in areas where you may need to sweep both streets and parking lots.

Key Features:

  • Overall sweeping path of 132 inches
  • Easy turning and maneuverability
  • TYMCO Regenerative Air System
  • 32-inch diameter gutter broom

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Mid-Size Rental Sweeper for Both Parking Lots and Road Surfaces

Pacific Sweeping’s rental TYMCO Model 435 has so many features yet still provides a large amount of storage space and a hopper whose entire roof is a door. This mid-size sweeper is ideal for companies and institutions that need to rent a utility workhorse that sweeps both streets and parking lots.

The 435 is fitted with a 32-inch diameter gutter broom that can automatically determine the brushing strength needed to remove any type of debris. In situations where the gutter broom comes across an immovable object, it retracts to avoid damage then reverts to its original position once the driver has moved past the object. This gutter broom retraction happens automatically – without intervention from the operator.

Since the TYMCO Regenerative Air System requires lower horsepower than other similar size sweepers, the Model 435 utilizes a smaller, more fuel-efficient engine.

For versatile sweeping combined with ease of maneuverability, rent the TYMCO Model 435.