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Tymco 500X Rental San Diego, Southern CA


Tymco 500X (Rental)

TYMCO 500X Regenerative Air sweepers help us deliver rock-solid reliability and an amazingly clean sweep throughout Southern CA.

With a fast dump cycle and a soaring 11 foot dump height, this model provides exceptional versatility allowing us to pick up a wide variety of street debris from light trash and leaves to heavy dirt and gravel.

Key Features:

  • Broom Assist Pick-Up Head
  • Quiet, Rubber Lined Blower
  • TYMCO Regenerative Air System

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Rental Sweeper Making Clean Up Simple

This sweeper picks up a variety of street debris, making Pacific Sweeping’s TYMCO 500x ideal for companies or institutions that need to rent a utility sweeper for parking lot maintenance.

You could also rent the Model 500x to sweep highways, city streets or sweep up behind other trucks. The main feature on this sweeper is the dumping hopper lift assembly. The dump height can range from 2 feet to 11 feet and the large hopper door ensures all debris is removed. The hopper door is hydraulically and mechanically locked which provides a sure, watertight and airtight seal.

Most debris is removed by the sweeper's regenerative air system. The large 12” diameter by 79” long broom is rear-mounted and fully enclosed for optimum dust control, eliminating the risk of “throwing” debris outside the sweep path.