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Tymco 600 Rental San Diego, Southern CA


Tymco 600 (Rental)

From public streets to construction clean up, this sweeper can do it all. TYMCO’s Regenerative Air System combines reliability, efficiency, and the ability to expel clean air so everyone can breathe easy.

Key Features:

  • Hydraulic hand hose
  • Fuel efficient yet powerful
  • Broom assist pick-up head

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Street Sweeping Done Right

Pacific Sweeping’s rental TYMCO model 600 has so many features yet still provides a large amount of storage space and a hopper whose entire roof is a door. This large-size sweeper is ideal for municipalities, institutions, homeowner associations or others that need to rent a large-scale utility workhorse that sweeps streets effectively.

Most sweepers pick up dust, trash and other items, yet expel exhaust laden with fine particles of dust right back into the environment. TYMCO recognized this issue and realized they could improve the technique. That’s how they created their patented Regenerative Air System.

Since the TYMCO Regenerative Air System requires lower horsepower than other similar size sweepers, the Model 600 uses a more fuel-efficient engine. Reliable and powerful, the Model 600 changed the sweeping industry when it was introduced many years ago.

TYMCO’s Model 600 consistently delivers powerful performance without a mechanical main broom or polluted air. For a low total cost of use and a more efficient, environmentally friendly sweeper, Pacific Sweeping’s TYMCO Model 600 is an excellent rental choice.