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Updated: COVID-19 Action Plan for Continued Operations

After nearly six months of operating under the COVID-19 Pandemic situation, Pacific Sweeping has learned a number of things about our customers and our employees. First, our customers need and demand a hassle-free service. While they are working remotely themselves and residents of the communities we serve are also working remotely, the last thing any of our customers need is to have an issue with street or parking lot sweeping. It’s our goal to provide that hassle-free service and I would argue that the vast majority of our client base would agree that we meet that goal on a daily basis. Second, our employees are resilient and reliable and need honest and timely information about the stability of their employment. Without either, employees are often left in the dark about what’s happening and why. Our goal is to provide timely and accurate information and communicate in a way the employees want to be communicated with. We utilize a web-based text messaging system as well as regular video updates and email updates with links to important resources. We have surveyed our employees and according to those results we are hitting the target bullseye in that area.

In March, we launched our 6-Point Operational Plan and we continue to stick to it with very few modifications. We are considered an essential business, but that doesn’t allow us to let our guard down on safety and sanitation protocols. We continue to follow that plan and are proud to share that we are compliant with all County, State and CDC guidelines, as difficult as it may be to understand the logic behind it in many instances. Unfortunately, a business sometimes doesn’t get to ask questions about why they are required to do something, they simply need to comply. We comply.

We are proud to serve the Southern California region through a multitude of Public Works Agencies and that list has grown over the past 6 months with the addition of a number of new municipalities to our list of clients. As of this writing, we are not experiencing any supply chain or labor constraints. As we continue to navigate the global uncertainty we are all dealing with and adapt our business practices accordingly, I want to re-share our company’s 6-Point Operational Plan below. 

  1. Health and Safety. The safety of our employees, customers and the general public is our primary goal. We are following the CDC recommendation in all areas. Additionally, we have limited entry to our facilities and only our employees and essential delivery services necessary to keep our business running are allowed to enter. No vendors or sales visits are being allowed at this time.  All deliveries are occurring at the curb or the door. At no time will our employees enter your building or facility or interface with the general public. Because our operators and technician routinely work alone in sealed sweeper vehicles, the social distancing rule is a norm in our industry.
  2. Reduced Staffing and Social Distance. We have staggered our office staff and shop staff shifts so there are only 2 people in the office at any time. We may change this as guidelines change. We have closed our offices on Fridays, but our phones and emails remain active. We have a 24-hour answering service that is helping field and dispatch all our incoming calls, 760-471-9003, and the service is working well. We make changes and updates to the answering protocols as we experience the need to. Please be prepared to leave a message or ask to be transferred to our CSR if needed or send an email to support@pacificsweeping.com with your questions or need for service.
  3. Extra Cleaning. We have increased our sterilization efforts and we are cleaning all surfaces, knobs, handles and other common items within our business at least twice per day including the inside of our sweeper’s switches, controls, steering wheels, handles, etc.
  4. Use of Technology. We are utilizing text messaging, email, facetime and our proprietary texting and video app to communicate with our employees on a daily (or more frequent) basis. We are reminding them each day of the social distancing regulations and the importance of safe driving.  We are finding that with less vehicles on the road, our sweeping and cleaning efforts are safer and more effective. Our business management, scheduling, timekeeping, payroll, work orders, job tickets and finance systems are all cloud-based so we are putting those to the test and so far we have had no disruptions.
  5. Ongoing employee training. Our management team has found itself training our employees more frequently as the pandemic evolves. We’ve used this opportunity to become one of the very few Certified Sweeping Companies in the nation, compliant with the ANSI PSS1000-2018 standards. Employing the only NAPSA Certified Sweeping Operators in the region, https://www.sweeperschool.com/, many of Pacific Sweeping’s employees and managers have already undergone detailed, industry specific national training, education and testing including ANSI PSS1000-2018 certification, all of which include elements of working independently, under stressful conditions, and during emergencies.
  6. Serving your needs.We are here to serve the needs of our customers.  Period. As of yesterday, the San Diego Health Department, San Bernardino Health Department and Orange County Health Department have begun to require many businesses to close. They have listed various services including public works operations, transportation, sanitizing, waste removal and first responders, along with health and safety, as essential services and we are here to rise to that challenge and continue to do our part. As of this morning, I am seeing Local City Offices announce closures as well.  Rest assured that we will continue to provide the essential sanitary services by sweeping streets and parking lots, emptying and sanitizing trash receptacles, sanitizing public spaces, pressure washing/steam cleaning benches and other public spaces as long as we need to and perform our work while practicing the utmost safety.

We continue to pray for your health and safety as well as that of your family, friends and co-workers.

Lee Miller