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Why Sweeping Corp. of America (Operating as Pacific Sweeping®) is a Certified NAPSA Sweeping Company

The NAPSA logo on our website tells our clients that we are part of the power sweeping industry’s leading trade group. The North American Power Sweeping Association (NAPSA) is a nonprofit association comprised of 300+ contract sweepers, sweeping equipment dealers, manufacturers, and suppliers to our industry.

NAPSA Certification Process  

NAPSA Certification is a formalized way to help customers recognize firms like Pacific Sweeping that operate in a professional manner and aids in the fight against businesses that operate below the radar of ethical, legal and professional standards.

As a member of the North American Power Sweeping Association, Sweeping Corp. of America (Operating as Pacific Sweeping®) is dedicated to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and competence. Recognizing our responsibility to our customers, employees and the public, members adhere to a code of ethics.

Sweeping Corp. of America (Operating as Pacific Sweeping®) has pledged to follow all of the following NAPSA’s guidelines in our business and professional conduct.


  • Members shall agree to carry reasonable levels of liability insurance and provide customers a copy of certificate of insurance upon request.
  • Members shall agree to carry worker’s compensation insurance on all employees and require that all subcontractors comply with such rules.

Environmental Regulations:

  • Members shall agree to comply with all local, state and federal regulations regarding the proper disposal of sweeping debris.
  • Members shall provide to customers proof of proper disposal methods upon request.
  • Members shall collect and pay all appropriate taxes, including all payroll, sale and fuel taxes.


  • Member shall agree to provide training for all equipment.
  • Member shall continuously strive to provide employees with a safe working conditions.
  • Members shall follow all state and federal laws regarding compensation.


  • Members agree to conduct their business with honesty, integrity and project a professional image in all endeavors.
  • Members agree to be truthful and non-deceptive in advertising.
  • Members agree all proposals shall be complete and accurate in describing services/products rendered.

The management of Sweeping Corp. of America (Operating as Pacific Sweeping®) is honored to become the first NAPSA Certified Sweeping Contractor in the San Diego, California area. Our team strives very hard to be the best we can in our work performance, customer service, or our safety practices.

Commercial customers, municipalities and home owner associations can be certain that we will abide by and live up to all NAPSA expectations.